Mid-Atlantic Association of IB World Schools

IBMA Response to Racial Justice Issues

Jobs in IBMA schools will be posted for 90 days, or until they are filled. Please contact the school or school district for further information.

Dear IBMA Community,

I am writing to you on behalf of the IBMA Board. We acknowledge that the events around our country over the past week have shed light once again on racial inequities that exist in our country and are particularly hurtful to our black community. It is important that we reach out and support one another. Many of our colleagues and students may be in need of support and should be heard and shown love and respect.

The learner profile is a central component of all the IB programmes. During these times, we really need to focus on being principled and caring, as we strive to create a more peaceful world where differences are not merely tolerated but appreciated.

Superintendents of school districts have been sending out notices encouraging their communities to find meaningful ways to make a difference. We want to echo those thoughts and hope that as IB coordinators, you will use the ideals of an IB education to lead your teachers and students through these difficult times. We encourage you to engage your communities with the goal of acknowledging the injustices that are so impactful and finding ways to have a dialogue with your teachers and students on how they can make positive changes that can lead to a more peaceful world.

We would love to have you share your inspiring stories where teachers and/or students have engaged to initiate a positive change during this historical time. Please consider sharing your stories with the IBMA membership on this Padlet site:

IBMA Community Reflection Padlet

As we move forward, find appropriate and meaningful ways to engage your students on the topic of equity. There are some thoughts and resources posted below. Of course, collectively there are so many more educational activities that you can share with all of us on our IBMA Community Reflection Padlet.

Students could:

  • Complete community service that leads to a greater awareness of racial issues.
  • Develop creative ways to educate others about the importance of social awareness.
  • Read literature that centers around racial injustice.
  • Engage in TOK-style discussions that increase student awareness of racial issues locally, nationally and globally.

Potential resources to help guide your planning:

Dan Coast
IBMA President